Last night some of the display was vandalised and destroyed.

As a result 300 of the 6700 lights have been removed either due to being stolen, damaged, or as a safety precaution to prevent future attacks.

Serious thought is being put in modifying the display for 2007 by moving all ground lights to the roof or elsewhere in a location impossible to steal without a ladder and/or special tools.

Seven News

Look out for my lights on Seven News straight after the weather report if you are in South Australia!!

The crew from Seven News were here last night filming, and 20 seconds of footage will be aired on Seven News at about 6:25pm tonight (Friday) for Adelaide residents.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

It just occurred to me that there have been significant improvements over the years of Ryan’s Christmas Lights, which for a second took me down memory lane.

  • Back in 1999, I can remember starting out with those big C7 or C9 large bulbs which ran at 240 volts. They activated only when the outside light sensor was triggered because they used a sizeable amount of power.
  • In 2000, the first low-voltage fairy light set was put up. I cannot clearly remember 2001 or 2002, but I do know small improvements occured with a few extra low-voltage light sets.
  • Then 2003 saw the addition of a musical soundtrack played over cheap and old speakers hidden behind a brick near the front door. About $50 spent on the display, with $10 in power.
  • 2004 saw the whole garden beginning to have some light, and the display expanding out onto the verge. This was the golden year where I took my display from a small activity on the side to a major year-round project. $300 was spent that year, and it was the first year that I stayed outside during the night. This occured during the final week leading up to christmas.
  • 2005 was the big year. This year saw computerisation begin, and brand new soundtrack for the lights, and a whopping $1070 spent on upgrades. Santa also managed to make an appearance almost every night during December. The display made an appearance on the Seven Network and in the Messenger Newspapers.
  • Then came 2006, where the computerised sequence with accompanied musical soundtrack was re-created from scratch with different musical pieces. The roof was redesigned for computerisation, and the display expanded backwards (or sidewards) to our new neighbour’s display. Finally, the musical soundtrack begun transmission over the FM radio frequency, however one can only hope the media – both local and national – will be happy to publicise the Christmas light show (yes, a show… no longer just a simple display) by any means possible, such as a weather report being conducted outside of the display as the sun is going down with footage of the display running from the previous night as they plug it. This year the display won a competition run by the Seven Network!!
  • Next up in 2007 will see the introduction of bi-coloured bushes. By that I mean two different coloured light bulbs, both controlled by computer. The display has already broken the 10,000 lights mark even before 2006 is over

Seventy-Five Percent There.. Thrive display, Thrive!

The display has long beaten the halfway milestone, and is three quarters of the way to completion.

Also during the mists of assembling the show, a fantastic discovery was exposed. What is this discovery you say? Well, new neighbours to Ryan’s Christmas Lights, Phil and Pam, have their very own Christmas lights show. Why? Just like me, they get a whole load of joy out of seeing the smiles of cheerful children exploring the display, excited to the max.

Ryan’s Christmas Lights 2006 has taken an unexpected expansion backwards, in order to give the impression that both Christmas displays actually one gigantic light show for everybody, both young and old, to enjoy. With Phil’s electrical knowledge and my computer skills, expect to be surprised by the awesome displays – they are NOT to be missed this Christmas season!!

Ryans Christmas Lights 2006 Completeness – 4500/6100 lights.

Preparations Underway

This weekend marks the beginning of the official assembly for Ryan’s Christmas Lights 2006. All major cabling have been installed for the season! The computer soundtrack has also been entirely completed ready for this year. The display’s address will be published closure to the date, so keep clicking back!

Ryans Christmas Lights 2006 Completeness – 1000/6100 lights.

Money, Money, Money

In the next month or so I’ll need to spend about $200 on Bright LED lighting for the roof and some of the garden – I have decided that I should start making the move to full LED, as the reliability and lifespan of these products is much higher, with the electricity costs lower. I’ll need to get two sets that are 8 metres long ($25) and three sets that are 10 metres long ($35 each).