Off Season Update: Award Mail

Off Season update…

In the last few days I received an certificate in the mail from XYZ Networks (operator of several subscription TV channels on Foxtel). I thought what could this be, but low and behold it is a certificate of appreciation. How about that, eh? Something positive to offset the weather event and vandalism of 2010

Lifestyle Channel Award

Oh, and yes, there are still a few decorations to take down!! (It can’t be March already??)

Seven News

Look out for my lights on Seven News straight after the weather report if you are in South Australia!!

The crew from Seven News were here last night filming, and 20 seconds of footage will be aired on Seven News at about 6:25pm tonight (Friday) for Adelaide residents.

Prime Publicity

Ryan’s Christmas Lights 2005 has had quite a bit of publicity this month: From the Messenger and Advertiser Newspapers, to FIVEaa Talkback Radio and Seven News. I would like to thank everybody involved in organising this publicity – from the staff of the media companies to the members of the community.