Videos Online & Recent Rain

Two videos have now been uploaded of this year’s Christmas display. They can be found in the 2008 videos section of the website. A third video will follow later in the month.

Also, over the last two days the display has not been running to its full potential due to bad weather. The same bad weather is expected to hang around again tonight.

Tomorrow is forecast to have a clearing shower, so let us hope the display can run to its full potential from tomorrow night.

One comment on “Videos Online & Recent Rain

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Just a quick question. From connecting the lights to the powerboards, how do you extend the cable to allow length to get the light to the front of your property?? The light display I have used extension cords but feel extending the smaller cables would be easier.

    Also where do you purchase your lights and controllers from? Are they competitively priced?


    P.S. Looks great, Very well done…..

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