Computerised Christmas controllers arrive

Late this morning, the door bell rang. When answered, it was a delivery person here to hand me a rather large box which contained the new Christmas light controllers for syncronising lights to music this year.

So the assembly of the controllers has now begun. Once finished, an electrician will put in a new electrical circuit to run all the lights. This is the first time ever this is happening, purely as a safety measure due to the high amp capacity that each controller is capable of running.

I have also been informed that the ordered Christmas lights will be arriving in Australia during September – that’s only next month!

I’m estimating that lights will commence being erected outside during October.

A couple of new photos have been uploaded to the 2008 page and the upgrade costs updated on the history page.

The webcam quality has been improved also, although live streaming will not be available until October or November.

5 comments on “Computerised Christmas controllers arrive

  1. Hi i was wondering if you had a step by step instruction manual on how to have a display like this if not can you tell me maybe where i could purchase one.I live in n/w nsw with a population of about 500 people and each year we are getting bigger and the kids and big kids just love it.I have a lot of lights and i would like to sync them with music and effects so any information would be greatly appreciated.THANKYOU MARGY

  2. Ryan – Complete newbie here….would love to know what you purchased from LOR, and how you had them set up to use 240V instead of 110V that is in the US.

    In addition, do you find that purchasing your LED lights is cheaper to get from China rather than Australia? Do you ahve any recommended sites to purchase low cost, good quality lights?

    I was always concerned that urchasing lights from places other than Australia could burn my house down!!!!

    • Hi Mark,

      I got the CTB16PC-ASSEMBLED OPTIONS with a high power heat sink but no supply/output cordsets or plastic enclosure. The CTB16PC can run on 240 volts – but when ordering you need to ensure you notify the sales team of the voltage so they can set it for you.

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