New Lights Arrive

The new lights for this year arrived in Australia last week and were picked up today. The order contains 4000 new LEDs – some in white, blue, or red – at a cost of $1220. This bumps this year’s expenditure up to $2375, the highest it has ever been.

The newer lights mean that the Mega Tree will contain double the amount of LEDs this year, and the garden bushes will no longer have clear incandescent mini lights.

The display will begin to be set up in the next day or two. New set up photos will likely be added sometime during October.

4 comments on “New Lights Arrive

  1. That is one fantastic setup, where do you get the LED’s from, I wish to synchronise next year is it an easy setup?
    How do you order the LED’s are they on strands?

    Look forward to seeing more.

  2. I have the same question as cameron. Where do you buy your bulk lights from? And are the Strings on transformers or straight 240v??

  3. Cameron and Nigel, I order my LED lights from Starlight Christmas Superstore in Torrensville, Adelaide around about March. They run on AC adapters but don’t have the 8-function flasher boxes on them.

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