2022 light show? YES – from December first weekend

Ryan’s Christmas Lights returns for 2022 with a small amount of physical changes and also a new song. The changes relate to some new additions of mini trees and miniature leaping arches to the garden. This year’s new song is and upbeat version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

The first show will be December 3rd, and then nightly between 8:30 and 10:30 pm (unless raining).

Tonight’s show may end early due to incoming thunderstorm

Please be advised that tonight’s show may turn off early if a nearby thunderstorm brings rain. The weather radar indicates isolated heavy showers could occur in the area from around 9:30-10pm. The Christmas lights will stay on until 10:30 pm or until the wet weather arrives, whichever happens first.

UPDATE: Just a few short-lived showers up to 10:30, so tonight’s show (17 December) will end at the normal time.

Back for another year starting from 3 December, 2021

Ryan’s Christmas Lights 2021 is happening, yay! The plan is to start the show from the 3rd of December.

This year will be a similar size to last year’s scaled down display. But there are some changes to tease:

  • Some new lighting elements plus a couple of older ones replaced with individually controllable digital pixel lights.
  • A new festive song for lights to dance to that has not been part of the display until this year.

Extreme hot weather and adjusted running times

Due to the extreme heat, tonight’s display will likely not start until after 9 pm with some of the lights unplugged for the whole night. A moment ago at 8 pm, the local outside temperature was still hovering around 40 degrees (C). This is approaching the upper recommended operating conditions for some of the equipment that runs the Christmas lights display.

Tomorrow (Friday) will be another day of extreme heat, however Saturday should be cooler and much more comfortable.