DC Issues Continue.. Now Setting Up AC Lights

Unfortunately problems continue with some lights connected into the new DC controllers. For the time being, I’ve ceased setting up more lights that will connect into the DC controllers.

AC lights set up is about 3/4 complete.

Worst case scenario would be that all DC channels will be non-operational, which means no roof triangles, no mega tree, and no street tree lights. I hope this does not actually happen however.

Not the most positive update, but an update nonetheless.

2 comments on “DC Issues Continue.. Now Setting Up AC Lights

  1. What lights do you use ??? I want to light up my bay window with really bright lights what do you suggest, thanks???

    • Any 5mm concave ultra-bright LED I’d say would be fine. This is what 99% of my LEDs consist of. If you live in Adelaide, check out a store at Torrensville called Starlight Warehouse. This is where I buy my 5mm LEDs from.

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