Roof Lights Up … And Then Goes Dark

Over the last week, lights have been installed to the roof. The LED roof strings will run from DC boards this year, and unfortunately initial tests showed some kind of electrical leakage problem within one of the strings somewhere.

This has resulted in the loss of one of the four white triangles, and I am urgently looking into ways of getting a replacement at short notice (10 metres long).

I’m still not sure how the light set could have been pulling so much power (ten times the amount it is supposed to) without even lighting up.

Combined with the DC power supply problem earlier this month, DC is sure appearing to be stubborn.

3 comments on “Roof Lights Up … And Then Goes Dark

  1. I was just wondering.. how to get some of my lights on the top of the roof.
    because I have this santa with 2 reindeers rope light thing and I was wondering how to fix it to the top of the roof. Can you please tell me because that would be much appreciated.

    • Christian: Do you have a tiled roof? If so, I’d recommend positioning the rope light motif (I assume you mean a metal frame) on the 2nd most upper tile before the roof cap. Then get some wire long enough to hook under neath the tile and latch onto the lower row, and tie it to the bottom of the frame. next get a spare piece of wood or something like that that you can use as a ‘stand’ to hold up the top of the frame – drill two holes in the wood, and get two more pieces of wire. One to put through the the hole on the top side that will tie around the motif, and one more to put through the hole on the bottom side that will hook under the roof tile. The weight of the frame I’d assume would be enough to stop the piece of wood falling over under regular wind.

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