Rain Possible Tonight

Rain has been forecast from late evening until tomorrow morning, and clouds are developing.

For the moment the show will continue as planned but if it begins raining the lights will be turned off early.

Three more videos of this year have been posted. One more remains which will hopefully be completed by the end of week.

2 comments on “Rain Possible Tonight

  1. Hi Ryan,
    Awesome display. I too have been putting up lights for a few years now, however I am only just starting to read about computer controlled (little behind the times i know). However I am looking to ask u a question, where are you finding the LED lights with no controllers, or are u removing the controllers. I can’t find any information or stores online anywhere. Best I have been doing is Kmart multi-coloured LED function 252blub lights for $24.
    Please email me and let me know a few things. Thanks

    • Trent, Starlight Warehouse in Adelaide sells single colour LED light strands, but I’ve been able to order in small ‘sample’ quantities without the multifunction flashing boxes installed. The lights still use an AC-AC adapter but also have an AC to DC rectifier on the end round-pin plug (without this the lights would be half wave, as the AC to DC rectifier is usually built into the flashing unit)

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