Lights Are On

Yesterday was the launch of this year’s Christmas display. It went off mostly as intended, although the ‘sticking’ issue returned on one section of the mega tree once again. I’m hoping it will be corrected for tonight.

A video from the launch is now available on the video page. Pictures and videos of individual songs are not available just yet, but they will be soon.

One comment on “Lights Are On

  1. I just wanted to say that your display is awesome, I come up every year a few times with different friends and family members.
    Last night I came up with my little grandson TOM who is 5 years old.
    He has cerebal palsy and autism.. he loves the lights, but your display just got the biggest reaction out of him, the music was fantastic, he was sitting in the car making noises and waving his arms about, he was so excited..We will be coming up again and getting out of the car and taking him for a walk around.
    Thanks for what you do, I hope you realise just how much we appreciate the time and effort you put into what you do. Its incredible.

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