Planned changes to the 2015 display

Time for a pre-season update! With the weather warming up, days becoming longer…and more importantly Santa Claus back in town…the Christmas lighting season is not far away!

Ryan’s Christmas Lights is in the process of being set up with a target completion date of December 1 as usual. With so much left to put out it will be a challenge to get everything installed in time.

Boxes... boxes... and more boxes?!? Believe it or not every box in this photo contains lights and/or cabling.There are some changes to this year’s display. Without giving too much away, this year there will be something flashy. Other changes involve swapping out some of the older power-hungry silhouette lights for newer low-voltage LED versions and, if it can be pulled off, some new intelligent lighting effects installed to outline the roof – more on this in a later update. For now, head over to the 2015 photo gallery if you like pictures of boxes (and lots of boxes at that!).

A big thank you to Advatek Lights, a Melbourne-based company who design lighting controllers, for their donation of a PixLite 4 controller. I was lucky enough to win this controller in a random prize draw at a Christmas lighting enthusiasts meet up earlier this year. It is the PixLite 4, that combined with a different kind of lighting technology, is what will be behind the new roof outline.

That is all for now – another update will be posted closer to December 1 when I have a better idea of whether that date is realistic or not. You can stay up to date on display updates by subscribing to the blog RSS feed or liking the Ryan’s Christmas Lights Facebook page.