Setting up 2014’s display

With the annual Christmas Pageant this weekend, Santa is back in town which means the 2014 Christmas season has begun. This also means set up for the 2014 should have started – and there’s no need to panic, because setup is underway.

The display installation is, at the time of posting, around the halfway point. The roof lights are in position, minus one older and defective 240v element which is being replaced by LED version. Off the roof and down in the yard it is a similar story with a few defective elements replaced with newer LED ones. The outcome of this means less mains 240v cabling in the yard – the lowest ever! A new mega tree star topper is also in the works (hint: there will be more than just red and green on this star).

The plan, as in previous years, is to switch the display on nightly from December 1 at 8:30 pm, weather permitting (it is too soon to tell what kind of weather will be in store). In the meantime, why not like the Ryan’s Christmas Lights facebook page to stay up to date when news is posted to the website?