Salisbury East shining brighter for another year

With yesterday being December 1, Ryan’s Christmas Lights is now operating for 2013, with the initial switch on happening last night. After doubts that the evening might have been wet, the weather cleared up in time that there wasn’t a problem.

For the first time ever for launch night, if only by complete coincidence, those who came out to view the lights were treated to a Fireworks display which was part of a community event at a local school oval. Bonus!

Haven’t had a chance to come by yet? The light show will operate from 8:30 to 10:30 pm each night throughout December as usual.

The live streaming webcam will be returning a little later in the month – at least that is the plan! The webcam is a different model and the view is also different due to a previously reported incident earlier this year, but I’m having a little difficulty getting the Christmas Lights computer to recognise it. The webcam still picture snapshot is working, however!

2 comments on “Salisbury East shining brighter for another year

  1. hello Ryan can you tell me how much it cost to set Christmas lights up to music and what you need thanks Darren

    • Hi Darren: You’ll need Christmas lights, a Windows computer, music, power source (may involve power supplies), light controllers (there are many types) and sequencing software. You’ll also need a supply of cabling for connecting lights to controllers/controllers to power source and a great deal of patience. Note: Any 240v wiring legally requires an Electrician to do the job. But it is OK to do any low voltage wiring yourself (below 50 volts).

      As far as costs, they can vary significantly depending what lights you already have and how far you want to go with the music-synchronised lights. You’d need at least a couple hundred dollars, probably more, to cover the light controlling equipment. Add to that the cost of software which ranges from free to somewhere around US$400 depending on features you need.

      My recommendation would be to check out and ask any questions you may have – it is a website full of other Christmas lighting decorators all over Australia.

      Good luck with your 2014 show – right now is the best time to start planning for it!

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