Setup underway, why the lack of website updates?

There has been uncertainty over whether there would be a Christmas display this year, which is why there have been no updates to the website news until now. An incident occurred earlier this year, which led to questions of whether it was worth continuing doing a Christmas lights display. There will be a display, but read on for details on the incident.

The incident involved the theft of the display’s CCTV system. The role of this system was to watch over the display during and after hours for malicious activity, an unfortunate necessity in this day and age. Over the years there has been a number of incidents warranting CCTV – incidents involving either theft or vandalism of the Christmas light display.

It is an unfortunate reality with decorating that you expose yourself to potential vandals. But incident after incident, there comes a point when you ask yourself “why bother?” For the most part everybody does the right thing by not even thinking to damage a Christmas display, but sadly there are some people who are selfish and don’t see the happiness Christmas displays bring to the neighbourhood. Whomever thinks it is a good idea to damage a Christmas display that somebody puts time and money into is a cold, heartless and selfish grinch.

So long story short, the display is beginning to be assembled for another year – there will be a display. Christmas should be a chance to see the suburbs of Adelaide light up, bringing about happiness and joy to those who get the opportunity to stop and experience a Christmas light display.