Torrential Rain, Hail & Gale Force Winds Halt Show Indefinitely

Due to the very heavy rains, hail and flash flooding, there will be no chance of a show tonight. There looks to be little chance of a show in the next few days either due to the result of near horizontal rains which have gotten many powerboards wet. 240v power and water do not mix, obviously.

Until they are dry and it is safe to power them, there will be no light display. Having never experienced weather like this during December, I have no idea how many days it may take to get everything in a safe condition.

Check out this photo to see the water damage for yourself. Time to get the hair dryers out!

Torrential Rain Damage

6 comments on “Torrential Rain, Hail & Gale Force Winds Halt Show Indefinitely

  1. Aw 🙁 Went past tonight and saw the sign read out no show..

    When are you expected to be up and operational? (Probably want to unplug it all and take a hair drier to the boards also, May leave a tinge on the contacts, But you cant keep powerboards around forever)

    • The wet powerboards have been modified for the controllers, so buying new ones will be costly and take a long time to get working.

      I am trying to dry out the powerboards – I think about 15 of the 50 or so will by dry by tomorrow morning. The plan is to try and bang a little more water out of them tomorrow, and then get the hair drier.

      Realistically I don’t think the lights will be on before Friday night.. but even then it could be delayed as I really don’t want to take a chance with running wet electronics.

  2. Hi Ryan, I hope you have a leakage earth breaker in your power box, so if there is a short caused by water, the leakage breaker will go off. I had this problem last year, I had one rope light motif on my roof that got a wet plug (in a waterproof box…well maybe not so waterproof box) and it kept tripping the breaker. It was good as it protected everything (and me), and it was relatively easy to isolate (by elimination) which light was causing problems.
    I’ve been too busy and haven’t even got my lights going, plan to get them finished by Sunday night…better late then never.

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