No More Mega Tree – Thanks Mr Grinch

There will not be a mega tree for the rest of the year thanks to two or three naughty teenagers who I hope are on santa’s naughty list.

There may never be another mega tree I am not sure. I am too disappointed right now to explain what has happened so I shall let this photo tell you instead:

Mega Tree Broken by Vandals

At this stage I will probably continue to run without the mega tree until Christmas Night (25th) and then start tearing down.

9 comments on “No More Mega Tree – Thanks Mr Grinch

  1. Did you have your cameras on??

    Find them, Chop their hands off, then they’ll never do that again.

    I know this wont mean much, but I too have lost my tree this year and am trying to fix the issue. We recently had an outrageous storm here, which has broken my ‘Height Adjustable Ropes’…. well, it doesn’t take a genius to find that the lights came down with a crash. My cameras showed that at 7:16 am, my tree came down with an almighty crash.
    Some components of the Height Adjuster are broken, but I have now replaced them and will hopefully have my tree functioning again tonight.

    I’m sorry that the repair on your tree isn’t so simple.

    Do yourself a favour, do a Police report and claim the damage on the insurance. If you have the right insurance, then your display will be covered. I actually have my entire display insured and YES you can do it 🙂

    Don’t let this affect your display!! You are good at what you do and others shouldn’t miss out, just because of a couple of ‘LLLOOOOOOSSSERRRRS’!! DO ALL YOU CAN to get your tree back mate….. It wont be the same without it 🙁

    You know where I am, if you wanna talk at all mate…

  2. I only just found this website tonight and would have loved to come down and see your lights. It’s such a shame that there are some people who are so thoughtless and idiotic! I think it’s fantastic what you have been doing and hope that you don’t lose encouragement for next year.

  3. Why would someone do that?!?! I am sure those lights bought joy to many in the community. I have a light display too this year and put hours of work into it, I can’t imagine how many hours of work you have put in and how quickly it all came crashing down……. 🙁

  4. 1/5 for uncoolness of kiddie punks. But 5/5 for your display!

    Just forwarded someone to your place today for tonight too 🙁

  5. Just ran across your website. I see you really enjoy it also. Sorry to hear and see what some people consider fun. Sorry for your loss. I’m guessing you didn’t figure out your Mega tree problem. From the short discription you posted, did you check if all your lights, if LED, are the same. Meaning all half wave or full wave rectified? Also I have read and then applied a small “trick” for my display. Some of my full wave LED’s were spiking in brightness and not dimming smoothly. I added a 5 watt C’7 bulb to the “troubled string” and painted it black. This added enough resistance to the channel and wala, no more flickering or spiking. Hope this can help you.

    • Bob: All of the LEDs on the mega tree were full wave and the same brand. As far as the non-lighting or ‘sticking’ problems changing out extensions corrected that in some cases.

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