New Controllers Arrived, Setup Begins

The new DC controllers finally arrived earlier this week, although I’ve not been able to test them just yet. Enclosures need to be made for them before I power them. I’ve not had anything to test with the DC power supply either, so there is a potential double headache to be had if neither work as intended.

New controllers aside, the older AC controllers have been installed this week, so the ball is officially rolling. A new LED sign has also been set up in one of the windows – although it won’t be turned on until November. A few set up pictures are available in the 2010 photo gallery.

Why the earlier setup you ask? With university studies continuing right up until the 2nd-last week of November, I may not be able get lights and cables up as quickly as in the past. Worse case scenario might be that I will not be ready by the 1st of December, in which case the launch night will be postponed – but more on this in November.

2 comments on “New Controllers Arrived, Setup Begins

  1. I was thinking of buying some LED Christmas Lights this winter, but do you know how I would make them sync with music? What would you recommend?

    • Light-O-Rama sell a range of controllers designed specifically for Christmas lights. Depending on whether the lights you are after run on mains power (110v in the USA, 240v in the UK and Australia) or low voltage DC power (12-50v) will change what sort of controller you require. For mains power LEDs (or other AC lights), go with the CTB16PC controller; or for DC low voltage LEDs (that come with a step-down transformer), go with the CMB16D-QC. Find more information at

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