New DC Controllers Ordered

This update is just to let everybody know that four new DC-powered light controllers have been ordered from America.

Light-O-Rama, the business which manufactures and sells these boards, is bringing out a newer, cheaper, DC board called the CMB16D-QC. There is little difference to the more expensive CMB16D controller other than the different cable connection method.

Anybody whom is looking at starting out with computer control and LED lights (or anyone wishing to expand the size of their computerised display) ought to look at the CTB16PC for controlling AC lights (incandescent lights, regular rope lights) or the CMB16D-QC (requires a large power supply) for controlling DC lights (LEDs).

2 comments on “New DC Controllers Ordered

  1. Great to see the updates on your display mate.
    New controllers?? WOW…. well if you wanna sell the old ones, let me know!! hahaha…. just joking mate. In actual fact, I’ve recently ordered my new controllers. I have also ordered the FM Transmitter and Cosmic Colour Ribbons too.

    I have been experimenting over the past 18 years and have finally decided to go LOR. I just hope that I will be as successful with my new set up, as you have been in the past.

    Keep up the geat job mate, it’s always exciting to see your updates and your final set up each year.

    I’ll definitely have to catch up with you again this year.

    Take Care Mate.

    • After this year, and providing the AC and DC LOR control work fine, I do want to get rid of the older controllers. But the trouble is they’re not compatible with LOR, which means only Vixen ( can run them. That, and being DIY, most people will opt either for plug and play, or the latest DIY boards.

      The Olsen 595’s are now showing their age with their inability to dim any lights and the safety restriction of voltages no more than 36v. I think I’m pretty much stuck with them unless I sell them 99 cents or thereabouts.

      Good luck with the LOR switch – LOR AC does have its issues with our lights but overall its less stressful (for me, at least) than using DIY controllers. Which FM transmitter did you purchase?

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