2008 Update

The website has again been updated with a few more goodies:

  1. There is now a streaming webcam available during the Christmas season
  2. The 2008 photo gallery has been created (with a single photo)
  3. The videos page as been redesigned
  4. There are now two new pages – Details and History – in place of the former ‘Quick Facts’ area.

I am now at the stage of choosing what is needed for 2008 such as new lights and computer controllers. There will not be too many new lights this year as new computer controlling hardware is necessary which will cost in the thousands. A record breaking $2600 is the estimate upgrading cost for 2008, providing I can pull together enough cash.

Website Changes

It was not long ago that a new website design was unveiled… but now there have been a few more changes.

For starters, all the photo galleries in the navigation bar have been moved into a ‘popup’ menu that is activated by hovering over the photo galleries link. The galleries also now have picture thumbnails instead of the drop down combo box check them out!!

Finally a quick facts page has been created with… you guessed it… quick facts!

There will also (hopefully) be a webcam online around November this year – a page is already up for this but without a webcam image!