Full Experience Is No More … Again?

UPDATE: For the time being the centre garden will be without a border.

It has not even been a week since the full display was back running, but bad news must be told. One key element of this year’s display is electrically faulty.

The garden borders which use LED rope light, appears to be broken. Whenever the set is connected to power, the electrical switch board disconnects power to the circuit it is connected to.

This raises this year’s damage closer to the $200 mark. I am hoping insurance will cover the costs, as I suspect the fault is due to storm activity earlier in the month. If not, my 2011 plans will need to be cut back.

And So It Begins…

It may only be September, but preparations for this year have already begun. With 20,000 lights, 1,000+ metres of cabling and 56 computer controlled channels, there will need to be a lot of spare time for set up. On top of that this year is when I need to sit my final secondary exams (i.e. year 12) so I’ll need to break for 3 weeks for that most likely.

You may notice a few enhancements around this website also. I revamped the blog colour scheme and updated some information on the computer page. Since the last update, one of the webcams has been fixed into its permanent position outside whilst the other has been disconnected due conflicting issues between the camera and recording software. This camera may be replaced prior to December 1st but there are no promises.

Mid-year Update

Hey there, just thought I’d post a mid-year update.
Firstly, as of today I have finally met my financial obligations regarding payment for the LED Christmas lights order from China. With thanks to an unexpected gift from a relative, the total money raised for this year now stands at $1850.

With regards to the Christmas lights order, they have arrived in Adelaide and will be picked up closer to Christmas. The garden renovation is progressing quite well – one new photo added to the 2007 photo gallery.

At this stage I’m not sure if fog and bubbles will be a part of this year’s display, but either way I’m sure the lights alone will be dazzling enough!


Last night some of the display was vandalised and destroyed.

As a result 300 of the 6700 lights have been removed either due to being stolen, damaged, or as a safety precaution to prevent future attacks.

Serious thought is being put in modifying the display for 2007 by moving all ground lights to the roof or elsewhere in a location impossible to steal without a ladder and/or special tools.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

It just occurred to me that there have been significant improvements over the years of Ryan’s Christmas Lights, which for a second took me down memory lane.

  • Back in 1999, I can remember starting out with those big C7 or C9 large bulbs which ran at 240 volts. They activated only when the outside light sensor was triggered because they used a sizeable amount of power.
  • In 2000, the first low-voltage fairy light set was put up. I cannot clearly remember 2001 or 2002, but I do know small improvements occured with a few extra low-voltage light sets.
  • Then 2003 saw the addition of a musical soundtrack played over cheap and old speakers hidden behind a brick near the front door. About $50 spent on the display, with $10 in power.
  • 2004 saw the whole garden beginning to have some light, and the display expanding out onto the verge. This was the golden year where I took my display from a small activity on the side to a major year-round project. $300 was spent that year, and it was the first year that I stayed outside during the night. This occured during the final week leading up to christmas.
  • 2005 was the big year. This year saw computerisation begin, and brand new soundtrack for the lights, and a whopping $1070 spent on upgrades. Santa also managed to make an appearance almost every night during December. The display made an appearance on the Seven Network and in the Messenger Newspapers.
  • Then came 2006, where the computerised sequence with accompanied musical soundtrack was re-created from scratch with different musical pieces. The roof was redesigned for computerisation, and the display expanded backwards (or sidewards) to our new neighbour’s display. Finally, the musical soundtrack begun transmission over the FM radio frequency, however one can only hope the media – both local and national – will be happy to publicise the Christmas light show (yes, a show… no longer just a simple display) by any means possible, such as a weather report being conducted outside of the display as the sun is going down with footage of the display running from the previous night as they plug it. This year the display won a competition run by the Seven Network!!
  • Next up in 2007 will see the introduction of bi-coloured bushes. By that I mean two different coloured light bulbs, both controlled by computer. The display has already broken the 10,000 lights mark even before 2006 is over

Dates Confirmed

Hi there, the dates of Ryan’s Christmas Lights 2005 have been confirmed. The display will be running from the 1st to the 31st of December, 8:30pm to 10:30pm. The display may be cancelled if the weather is forecasted to rain. On other news, I have just found out that someone may be helping with money costs to run and improve this display – up to $300. This will go a long way, thank you!