Seventy-Five Percent There.. Thrive display, Thrive!

The display has long beaten the halfway milestone, and is three quarters of the way to completion.

Also during the mists of assembling the show, a fantastic discovery was exposed. What is this discovery you say? Well, new neighbours to Ryan’s Christmas Lights, Phil and Pam, have their very own Christmas lights show. Why? Just like me, they get a whole load of joy out of seeing the smiles of cheerful children exploring the display, excited to the max.

Ryan’s Christmas Lights 2006 has taken an unexpected expansion backwards, in order to give the impression that both Christmas displays actually one gigantic light show for everybody, both young and old, to enjoy. With Phil’s electrical knowledge and my computer skills, expect to be surprised by the awesome displays – they are NOT to be missed this Christmas season!!

Ryans Christmas Lights 2006 Completeness – 4500/6100 lights.