New Lights Order Submitted

This is just an update to say that I have submitted my order for new lights this year. Most of them will be green LEDs, although I also will be adding a small amount of additional blue and white LEDs as well. Cost of new lights will be around $850 AU.

I expect expenditure for the year will be in the low to mid $1000’s with the possible addition of a DMX controller and necessary extension cords.

Display over for another year

‘It was the night before new years, when all through the garden, everything went dark…’

Ok, I made that up. Anyway, last night was the final night that the 2007 light show was operating. Over the next month the lights will be removed and stored until late September or early October.

Another vandalism attack occured during the display this year (with the other one happening last year) causing an estimated damage bill of around $100. I am hoping this will be covered by insurance again. Other problems such as melting light sets in 40 degree celcius heat will also be claimed for.

Over the next few weeks some plans will need to be finalised before further planning commences, such as what new features I would like, what improvements to existing features I can do, and – for this year most importantly – what sort of computerisation method will I use (Currently I use Olsen595 boards made by a friend of mine. There are several commercial products available that have more flexibility that I may well consider.)

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I would like to welcome you to the new year.

Seventy-Five Percent There.. Thrive display, Thrive!

The display has long beaten the halfway milestone, and is three quarters of the way to completion.

Also during the mists of assembling the show, a fantastic discovery was exposed. What is this discovery you say? Well, new neighbours to Ryan’s Christmas Lights, Phil and Pam, have their very own Christmas lights show. Why? Just like me, they get a whole load of joy out of seeing the smiles of cheerful children exploring the display, excited to the max.

Ryan’s Christmas Lights 2006 has taken an unexpected expansion backwards, in order to give the impression that both Christmas displays actually one gigantic light show for everybody, both young and old, to enjoy. With Phil’s electrical knowledge and my computer skills, expect to be surprised by the awesome displays – they are NOT to be missed this Christmas season!!

Ryans Christmas Lights 2006 Completeness – 4500/6100 lights.

Preparations Underway

This weekend marks the beginning of the official assembly for Ryan’s Christmas Lights 2006. All major cabling have been installed for the season! The computer soundtrack has also been entirely completed ready for this year. The display’s address will be published closure to the date, so keep clicking back!

Ryans Christmas Lights 2006 Completeness – 1000/6100 lights.

Money, Money, Money

In the next month or so I’ll need to spend about $200 on Bright LED lighting for the roof and some of the garden – I have decided that I should start making the move to full LED, as the reliability and lifespan of these products is much higher, with the electricity costs lower. I’ll need to get two sets that are 8 metres long ($25) and three sets that are 10 metres long ($35 each).

Season Finale: 2005

Ryan’s Christmas Lights 2005 is now finishing up. Special Effects (Bubbles, Fog) have been taken down, and Santa’s inflatable sleigh has been deflated and stored back in the box. Be prepared for new things in 2006 – check out the 2006 Photo Gallery page for a sneak preview of what will be out there!! Finally, a completely new soundtrack will be created for next year, along with a completely new light sequence for the computer controlled light sets. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas… well not yet anyway! I’ve decided to turn part of my display into being computerised this year, and plan to do more next year. For Computer Specs, check out the Computer page of the website. The Hardware itself will cost $110, and it will operate though a printer cable (LPT port) and 5v power (via internal hard drive power cable).